Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Those Things I Love and Am Thankful For

Since this blog is also supposed to inspire me (and you?), here are some of my current inspirations/aspirations/thing that make me happy:
One of those sunsets.
  • Sunrises and sunsets. I must admit I have seen more sunsets than sunrises in my life. What I love about sunsets, is that you can't anticipate a really beautiful sunset. It just turns up like this, a nice big surprise (unless you live in the Caribbean or such kind of place and have beautiful sunsets everyday).
  • Cherry blossoms. No surprise here, you already knew about that one.
  • Peonies (preferably pink and white). My thanks here go mostly to one of my grandmothers here. She always used to grow them in her garden and while living back in Prague, I always got a big beautiful bouquet for my birthday. If I tried to buy a bouquet of peonies this size here in Paris, I would have to pay around 80€ for it... Peonies, such sweet memories.
  • Walking in the rain. This is probably not the best time to talk about this, with the floods happening right now in the Czech Rep. Maybe next time... Reminder: need to buy wellies.
  • Warm woolen plaid, crackling fire and a big mug of chai tea after that walk in the rain. I always dream about a fireplace on the days I come back home cold and wet.
  • Mineral sparkling water. Those little bubbles...
  • Several English Things: the Lake District, London, big umbrellas, green parks, tea time (porcelain teacups, hot tea, scones and clotted cream!), poached eggs, long breakfasts (oxymoron??) and bow windows. Don't you just love bow windows?
  • White and pastel interiors. They just soothe me and make me happy. Preferably with bow windows.
  • Celebrations and the decorations that go with them. Chrismas, birthdays, parties and weddings. I love them mostly because I love to see happy people and they are a great excuse to dress up, create a decor and a scene a put flowers everywhere.
  • Cakes. Eating them, baking them. Especially if they look and taste fresh and colourful and beautiful. The next up on my list is the Red Velvet Three layers Cake (from the Magnolia Bakery cookbook).
  • Hopefully summer is just around the corner. Cross your fingers, we're going to need it.
  • My husband. Best husband ever. At least for me. Not to be shared.

All dressed up for Cluny's Grand Gala 2013.
Me: 12 year old homemade evening gown, beautiful earrings I got as a Christmas present from my parents in law
My other half: Lanvin bow tie, LePremier made to measure shirt, Hugo Boss suit

And what are your favourite things right now?

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