Thursday, June 13, 2013

Making My Own Blue Sky

This morning, there was no sunshine, no blue sky in view. Just a grey sky and a not so good weather forecast. I decided not to be sad about it and to create my own little summer thanks to my wardrobe. I pulled out blue trousers for the blue sky - no clouds touch, a coral top and coral ballerinas to add a hint of colour and "heat".


Trousers: Uniqlo, last year, gift from my husband (I didn't even have to try them on and they fit perfectly!)
T-shirt: Monoprix
Cardigan: Uniqlo, a few years back
Shoes: Studio Paloma from a little shop in Paris, bought at 30€ instead of 75€ because one had slightly faded colour
Bag: Longchamp Pliage

This "my own blue sky and summer" idea worked perfectly during all the morning when I was inside, sitting at my desk and working. It fell to pieces like a house of cards when I had to get out to buy myself lunch. It was pouring rain and cold. I was very lucky

  • there was one big sweater in the office I could borrow for my time outside
  • I could take of my wet shoes upon coming back and donning my woolen socks.
So much for the "sunny" outfit...

And then came the evening, and the rain stopped and even some sun came back with it. Lucky outfit, I'd say...

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