Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Bare Shoulders and the Green Heart of Paris

There is always something happening in Paris, or many things at the same time. This year is André le Nôtre's 400th death anniversary and landscape and gardens are naturally the theme of many events. Right now, there is a "garden" in front the Hôtel de Ville - with real grass and flowers (and bees on the flowers!), an orchard, some herbs and trees, lounge chairs to take a break and take in the sight and smells of this place. 

But then, there is something new in Paris and it's a public space and it's great and supposed to be permanent! It is "Les berges". This part of the Banks of the Seine (which by the way are on the World Heritage List) used to be an average urban highway. Smelly cars used to drive close to the water, between the Musée d'Orsay and the Eiffel Tower every day excepted for Sundays. This is history. From now on, this part of the Banks (almost 3km long), very close to the water, is car-free and people friendly. You can sit on a bench by the water, eat, play badminton, go to a skatepark, boulder, do push-ups, go to a zumba class, run with a trainer, run a 100m (there are four pink tracks!), have a nap, take a pilates class, spend your time drawing on an enormous chalkboard, have a glass of wine... (and so much more), watch bees fly around and boats go around and be in a nice place in the heart of a big city. THANK YOU PARIS.

All of this makes for a really nice walk especially on a sunny day, the first day of 2013 I managed to wear a strapless dress and needed a hat not to get sick from the sun. Finally.


Hat - Agnès b.
Cardigan - a basic one from Zara
Dress - from a little no-name shop in Paris
Shoes - Birkenstock, perfect for my not so happy feet and hips
Bag - Le Pliage, Longchamp


  1. Wow! definitely one of my next walks in Paris ! That indeed another great thing done in Paris !

    1. Go on a sunny day, you won't regret it :)