Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Gold 'n Shoes

There is something special about metallic shoes, especially if they are golden. No surprise then, that my wedding shoes were golden. A few years later, I am the proud owner of four pairs of metallic shoes. Unfortunately, one pair of golden ballerinas ended in the dustbin this spring (too worn...) and a pair of flat sandals in silver are sadly going to follow the same path at latest at the end of this summer. Which basically means I only have two pairs of golden sandals left - my wedding ones and a pair I bought in January 2011 (when I went out to buy a pair of boots). I guess you've already been in the same situation, sometimes things just don't go as planned and you might accidentally end up with a pair of golden high heeled sandals instead of flat winter leather riding boots. My excuse is that I had a broken thumb and that particular Saturday it was very warm for January (15'C if I remember it well).

Last Saturday, I received a gift voucher for a pair from Dessine-moi un soulier. This is a concept launched in Paris by two beautiful and stylish girls, who couldn't really find the shoes they wanted in the stores. You can basically choose the form of your shoes (ballerinas, stilettos, booties...), if you want them open toed or not, the height of your heel, a platform or not, the material, the colour, the accessories and you basically get the shoes you spent your time daydreaming about. With bows and glitter if you wish.

The made to measure (they even call you when you order online to be sure you are buying the right size and don't require any specific treatment like one feet bigger than the other) "dreamshoes" are in the higher prize end (approx 150-320euros). Since my gift was nice but definitely not enough so I could offer myself a brand new dream pair of shoes, I decided to go to the showroom and see for myself if I wanted to start saving for a nice pair of booties or just wait a bit and buy myself a pair of ballerinas in a few months. Actually, in the showroom, you can try the showroom shoes on to see how different styles fit, you can see (and touch) the materials and colours by yourself and you can get wise advice from Alma and Juliette the girls behind Dessine-moi un soulier. These try-on-in-the-showroom shoes are also for sale. Since many people have had them on before you and some might be a little bit "damaged", their prices are much lower (about 50%). I decided to opt for a showroom pair. In the end, I was hesitating between beautiful open-toed shimmering white platform stilettos on a 12cm heel and a pair of 6cm heeled old pink open toed suede shoes with a bow and a - wait-for-it - golden glitter heel. I loved the high heeled ones. But my other half justly pointed out that I have several pairs of high heeled stilettos and these are white. I opted out for the 6cm golden glitter heel and pink. They are soooo comfortable (I didn't even put in the gel cushion I got with them) and oh so very cute.

These shoes are
  • made in France
  • beautiful
  • comfortable
  • classic yet different
And the customer service is just great.

It just means I have another pair of (partly) golden shoes. Go figure why I can't resist them.


Shoes: Dessine-moi un soulier, thanks for the gift Anna, Antoine, Klara, Lucie and Martin!
Skirt: Agnès b., thanks Stepan!
Top: Etam, thanks JuLor for the gift!
Cardigan: George Hogg
OK, this definitely looks like a birthday gifts outfit to me...


  1. Cute as hell ! And thanks to you and your posting, i discovered the company and will meet the two owners with a group of client next week ! :)...
    might as well have a look at the shoes too ;)

  2. Lucko, jsou náááádherný! A fakt Ti seknou!!!

    1. Dik moc! Co Tve nakupy v Londyne, byla jsi uspesna?

  3. Taky jsem si koupila jedny boty, přímo na Oxford Street :-)) Jelikož mám nožku č. 43, tak jsem byla vele úspěšná :-)
    Ale tak krásný, jako Tvoje nejsou, ale to neva, hlavně, že mi jsou :-D

    1. Skvele! Na Oxford St, to mas odvahu, tam je to vzdycky o nervy...

  4. Taky to bylo na nervy, v Clarks měli výprodej, tak se tam nedalo hnout, ale naštěstí tam byli velmi ochotní prodavači (ne jako v Praze...) a tak to bylo v pohodě. Kromě toho, že mi za chvíli letělo letadlo a kamarádka už si poklepávala na hodinky, jako že fakt už musíme jít :-))) ale mám boty a to je hlavní ;-)