Thursday, June 20, 2013

Coral Elegance and the New Bag

In Paris, I like many things. Among them, I love the Marais. Because of
  • The best falafels at As du Falafel
  • The Swedish Institute and it's CafĂ© 
  • The shirt shops. There are so many of them there (especially in rue de Turenne), that every man can find the shape, colour and material he's looking for. Stepan's wedding shirt comes from a small shop in rue de Turenne (as well as half of the shirts he actually wears). You can find plain shirts as well as crazy ones. If you want to try some, Coton Doux might be a good option. 
  • MarchĂ© des Enfants Rouges. There is no denying I like this place, my second post after the renewal of this blog back in April was about it. You can find it here
  • Espace des Blanc Manteaux. Check out the design fairs, street art fairs, vintage fairs and more, there is something happening almost every time we pass by. 
  • The fact that most shops are open on Sunday. My favourites: Muji behind the Espaces des Blancs Manteaux, the design shop Fleux (love that they are constantly expanding) and...
  • ... Ted Baker. 
I cannot pass by the Ted Baker store in the Marais, without entering. I love the design of the shop itself, the layout and of course, the clothes and shoes and bags. Most of the things they have, I'd buy in a minute if I could (which rarely happens with a single brand). So I just go there, look at the clothes and then go back out. I haven't even actually tried anything on (ever), mostly because of the prices and because I am too afraid that if I try something on and love it, I'd be sad I can't buy it. Ted Baker is my daydream.

A dream that became reality the other week, when we celebrated my birthday. I came home and a bouquet of peonies, along with a violet cake (I am a flower girl...) were waiting for me on the table. Along with them, a little parcel. My excitement grew the moment I saw it had "Ted Baker" logos on the paper. And even more when I unwrapped my new pink and white (my husband knows me too well) handbag. I danced like mad and was one happy girl.

Last weekend, I wore my bag in Lille, along with another gift I got that very morning from my friends (a nice coral top). Thanks guys! In my opinion, white trousers can look very classy, especially when paired with "expensive" colours like marine blue or coral red + gold. 

Wind problems.


Wrap: Uniqlo, several years back
Top: Etam, gift from my friends, S/S13
Jeans: Lacoste Live S/S12
Shoes: from a little shop in Paris
Bag: Ted Baker, S/S13

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