Saturday, May 4, 2013

For Burger and Lobster Lovers

I am one of those girls who have a thing for burgers. Juicy meat, melting cheese, just the right sauce, that's right up my street. Therefore, going to a burger place and not eating one is somehow special.

On Sunday (oh, London, again, I promise, this is the last London post), we went brunching with our friends. We originaly wanted to have a big and lovely english breakfast in Breakfast Club in Soho. Last time we wen't there, exactly a year ago, we managed to get a table for six people in about 15 minutes. This time, we were four and judging from the queue, getting a table would have taken us about two hours. We didn't have two hours.

Before coming to London, I made a not-so-short list of restaurants, cafes and bars worth the visit based upon the recommendations found on the Internet, and mostly on The Londoner (where else would you like to get tips for London?!?). There was the Breakfast Club on my list, there were several bars in parts of London we didn't have time to go to and there was also Burger & lobster. That one place figured on the top of my personal list. We thought about going there already on Saturday, when we ended in Ducksoup but then we decided we weren't hungry enough for spending £20 on a burger or a lobster and wen't for cute little artichokes instead.

On Sunday then, we finaly got to Burger & lobster and eat our first lobsters ever.
Drinks only menu.

My impressions:

  • This is a place where it can take some time to get a table (we were there at noon and got a table right away, when we left, people were already queuing big time). In the Soho Burger & lobster, there is a special "waiting area" where you can sit and sip a drink before getting your table. No queuing outside in the cold. I don't know if it is the same in the other Burger & lobster restaurants though.
  • Once you get your table, picking your meal doesn't take much time, since there are only three possibilities: a big burger, a whole lobster or a lobster sandwich. All served with fresh french fries and a tasty sauce. All the meals are £20. We had one burger and three lobsters.
  • Don't look for meals on the menu, there are only drinks on it.
  • If you prefer, you can get one huge lobster to share. You can go and see them in the lobster tank at the back of the restaurant. I didn't know a lobster can get this big! Upon getting home I checked on the Internet and the biggest lobster ever cought was over 20 kilos!!!
  • Even the "regular" lobster for one person is quite a lot to eat. 
  • Being new to lobster-eating, we had to ask for guidance on how to get the meat out of the animal. The girl that served us was very nice and helpful. 
  • The best meat is in the claws.
  • They have really nice cocktails. I must admit I had one at noon...
  • Oh and we got plastic aprons, cute and very useful :).
  • During lobster season, there are lobsters in Parisian restaurants. I have always wanted to try one but never saw a meal for less than 42 euros. And that's not even for a whole lobster! In Burger & lobster, the lobsters are fresh and whole and tasty, and only £20.
  • Thanks, Rose, for you wise advice!


Get ready to get a bit dirty.

Best meat - in the claws.

You got it, get in one of the four Burger & lobster restaurants and have your own lobster party!

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