Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ducksoup, London

On Saturday, we had a quick lunch in Soho with a Czech friend currently studying at Conde Nast College of Fashion and Design (how cool is that!!??!!) When I saw the ad for this school in French Vogue, I thought it looked pretty cool and pretty difficult to get in. Very proud I know someone who goes there!

We went to Ducksoup on Dean Street. Initially, we thought we were going to a Vietnamese restaurant, since we followed a sign in the street that went along the lines of "fresh Vietnamese food". Upon getting in, sitting down, seeing the hip crowd there (one actress), the cool and simple design of the place, the handwritten menus and the gramophone playing beautiful jazz, we understood quite quickly, we were probably next door from the Vietnamese place.

The handwritten menu. New every day.

Delish artichokes.

Even sun showed its face.

What a great mistake we made! Stepan had a "Wet garlic" and we (the girls), had fresh baby artichokes with pecorino and delicious olive oil (+ a glass of wine). The food was very nice. The service was a bit slow, but willing to help and gave us good advice on the menu.

Londoners, don't hesitate to go there for fresh, tasty and healthy Italian/French style snacks.

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