Saturday, May 18, 2013

A Fashionable Party

For some of my friends, yesterday, 16th May was a D Day. It was the launch party of the fabulous "MODE.CZ" Czech fashion and French photography exhibition in Paris. This exhibit, open till 8th June is organised by the Association of Czech Students and Young Professionals in France and the Czech Centre in Paris.

About 200 people came to the opening. It was a great succes.

What was there?
  • Beautiful people
  • Beautiful photographs by Collectif 5.6
  • Beautiful fashion creations by Miro Sabo, Jakub Polanka, Jana Rollová, Kateřina Gesleirová and many other talented designers
  • Beautiful food (thanks Anna and Klara)
  • Two tutu skirts
  • and live music.

Come on Saturday 18th May at 5 PM to try on the exposed fashion and listen to Miro Sabo talk about how a collection comes to life.

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