Sunday, May 26, 2013

Eat Well, Eat Local, Eat With A Wiew

Hi guys,

Sorry for being such a bad blogger for the past few days. I was away with work and didn't have not time nor means to keep you posted. But this past working week left me with something to write about - food!

I am not home yet so can't really tell how much weight I put on, but I can tell you we ate very well. And mostly locally produced food. This post is about the lunches we took in the "Bistrots de Pays".

This is a French concept and the department where it's the most developed (34 Bistrots!) is Pyrénées Orientales (you guessed, that's where I was). Bistrots de pays are restaurants in small villages cooking good, mostly locally produced food. But they are much more - some of them serve as shops, some as galleries or concert halls, some of them sell bread, or newspapers and some even work as poste offices. Most of them mix several of these functions. They are those places that make the little mountain villages alive. The concept is great, the food was too!

I am not going to list all we ate but just to give you an idea:

  • sweet onion and local blue cheese pie with salad
  • tagine d'agneau (the lamb came from one of the village farmers)
  • sprig rolls with smoked trouts from the mountain springs
  • homemade ice cream (pistachio and cardamom, wow!)
  • and the veal! The best veal steak I have ever eaten (in rosemary-honey sauce).

I tried Le Café de la Farga,  El Taller (more of a gastronomic restaurant) and La Trobada. If you can, go give them a try. 

I am not even mentioning what a view some of them have!

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