Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Love Can Be a Hotel

In Paris, love can be anything. It can even be a hotel. 

If I am not mistaken, Hotel Amour, situated not far from Pigalle, was the first hotel in Paris where the clients could get a room at an hour rate. This dates back to the 19th century but if you're ever in need of a room after a particularly romantic and sexy brunch in their restaurant, it still offers day use. 

I never went upstairs in the hotel so can't tell you much about the rooms themselves but you can check them out on Hotel Amour's website. They do seem pretty sexy (and some even scary) to me.

Nevertheless, we went only for tea. They have a fairly nice selection of teas (Mariage frères) and herbal infusions at acceptable prices (for Paris...) which is always good news for people allergic to coffee (aka me).

We also went for breakfast/brunch once and it was very tasty. I am told their lunch menus on week days are good as well. The only negative thing is the service. They are SO slow. If you're in a hurry, this will drive you crazy. If you're there to spend a lazy morning/afternoon, then it should be fine. And of course, they forget the milk one orders with tea, but that is not exceptional here. In Paris, I only get milk when asking for it again when they bring the tea. Well, I am in Paris, not London.

We sat down in the luscious green terrace/garden. I guess it's even nicer in summer when the doors and windows are wide open, but it has its charm when rain falls on the verriere and the sky begins to darken. It's Hotel Love, after all.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Colour Show Off

There is a time, a day, a moment, to keep your outfits simple and let your surroundings do the show. 

That time might be around just now and I went for dark blue denim, black and white. When the trees of Paris take on their autumn hues, ranging from green, to yellow, orange and maroon, walking around and taking it all in seems like and evidence. Sadly, there are not many red trees (no maples?) and the colours are not that spectacular, but hey, that's the only kind of autumn we get here, so I decided to be happy with it as it is. We can't all live in New England, it's as simple as that.

Outfit photos copyright Vincent

Jardin des Tuileries, packed as always, but still so beautiful. There is a modern art exhibit going on as well. If you're in Paris, go check out the trees (and the art, of course). If you get cold, or hungry, or have a sweet tooth, there is always Angelina - the best hot chocolate in Paris, just around the corner.


Jacket - a very very old inherited piece
Shirt - Mango
Jeans - and old (and sadly torn) Levi's
Bag - gift, beautiful leather
Shoes - Agnes b., gift too

Monday, October 21, 2013

Fancy an Elevator Ride?

On Sunday, I left home early to get on time to my yoga class. In the end, my "early" was definitely not early enough. Not for the class I wanted to go to, not even for the one after that. 

Right upon getting in the elevator and pushing the "0" button, the light went off, the elevator made a weird noise and came to a halt. The rescue button didn't work. I didn't have my phone. Basically, I was lucky that my other half was at home and heard me shouting and making noise in the elevator. Thank you!

We were told a technician was on its way and should arrive within thirty minutes. I don't know if any of you readers have ever been blocked in your elevator, but half an hour is pretty long. Especially when you don't have a book with you or your phone to play with and even less when you need to go to the toilet. I was lucky to have my yoga bag - I could sit on it and cover myself with a towel when the cold started to get to me. Because, the technician didn't turn up in half an hour. Not even in an hour. It took him 70 minutes to make it to our place. And then, another 20 minutes to get me out of the elevator. 

My ride was about 15 cm long. And the technician had to force the door to get me out. The door stayed stuck after his intervention, as you can see on the pictures. 

Sorry, no pictures of me in the elevator, since I didn't have my camera (nor my phone).
I took the stairs down and up today. Even after my yoga class and carrying four different bags.

PS.: We wrote a letter to the owner of the building today. I wasn't the first one to get stuck, my husband went through a very similar experience three weeks ago (but he "only" spent 50 minutes in there). Beware of elevators, guys.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn Love

The other day, someone told me they hate autumn. Ever since that day, I've been thinking about a my favourite season (positive attitude, right!). And the answer definitely is, I love them all. I like the never ending cycle of winter-spring-summer-autumn-winter-spring-summer-autumn-winter-spring and so on. I guess I need change. By the end of each season, I am really looking forward to the next one and there is something I love about each season. And thinking of it, there are no things I hate in a season. 

English Rose

Here you go with my favourite things about AUTUMN

  • Air gets crispy and when the sun comes out, it's still warm and lovely.
  • Rain falls often. Soft, misty, hard... it has so many different faces. I probably mentioned this alreadym but I love walking in the rain. All I need is a nice umbrella, a warm coat, shoes that don't get wet in 5minutes and I am ready to set off. 
  • Warm socks, soft plaid and a hot cup of tea with a book on the sofa. (Can I get a fireplace, for Chrismas this year, please?)
  • Foliage. For several years now, I've been dreaming of going to see fall season in New England. Not on the agenda this year, though. Thank you Pinterest for all the beautiful foliage pictures you provide.
  • Walking around the city in the dark, when the sun starts to set earlier.
  • Autumn is a great excuse for sitting around in warm cafes.
  • Fruits - pears and plums and all these yums.
  • It also means the festive season is one step closer. 

Fontainebleau Forest
Do you like autumn?

Monday, October 14, 2013

Time for a Sweater

Independently of seasons, there are days when the only thing on my mind is keeping it cosy. But autumn makes the frequency of the "cosy days" hit new hights. Keeping warm (and dry) seems to be an every day battle. Cosy doesn't necessarilly mean ugly or out of style. High heels make the big old sweater seem like fashion again. I'd venture to say the bigger the sweater, the higher the heels you need... What do you say?

Fern earrings seem to channel the cosy autumn feelings as well. I still need to find myself a fireplace, to make autumn the perfect season, though. One day, maybe, who knows...

Have a cosy day, too.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Welcome, Mr Autumn

Well, I guess it's official. Indian summer is a goner and it's Mr Autumn's turn to keep us company. 

If you've been reading this blog since spring, you might remember I love to hear the "seasons' click". There is no denying it, the seasons have just clicked here alright. Woolen sweaters and scarves, foggy mornings, the air gorged with rain and the foliage that begins to change colours accordingly.

Hello, Mr Autumn.
I'm taking out my woolen socks and keeping to my oranges + tea to avoid getting sick as everyone around me!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Coq-tail Hour

A few years back, one thing was seriously missing in Paris - proper cocktail bars. Well, you probably could have gone to the Ritz, but buying a Dior dress just not to feel stupid going there was not an option for me. And of course, you could go for a mojito-without-taste to most of the bars in Paris. But there was no place with fancy barmen whipping incredible cocktails dating back to the 1920s or 30s, creating their own inventions or something custom made to the client's taste and all of this for an affordable price (i.e. not over 20euros per drink). 

I wasn't probably the only one who thought there were not enought cocktail bars in Paris, because these past two years, the Parisian cocktail bar scene became much more relevant.

The other night with friends, we returned to a place called "Le Coq" near Republique. We've already been a few months ago when the place opened and we liked it a lot. That's a reason for coming back, I'd say. 

The seats are cosy and modulable according to the size of your party. Very unparisian, since you actually can't mistake your unknown neighbour's glass for your own and you don't have to share their private conversation. It's a bit noisy but the cocktails are delicious (and seriously strong) and the atmosphere is nice. Le Coq-tail hour!