Friday, July 26, 2013

Weather is Hot, Why Shall We Not?

Paris has been a real furnace for two weeks now. There were some days and nights with a slight breeze. On Monday, no breeze whatsoever. Unable to sleep, I went for a cold shower at 2AM. 

This helped. It also reminded me of high school in South of France and how on some days I used to hop into the shower every hour to refresh myself when working on an essay or preparing for exams. This, obviously was not on days when I stayed at friends' houses where I did the same refreshment procedure, but with the help of a pool. Studying in Southern France, most of my friends had pools. Thanks again for having me over, guys, I swear there were many other things that I like about you, not just the pools! 

It's very funny how our bodies adjust to the climate we are currently living in. The first winter when I moved back to Prague after three years in the South of France was dreadful. I was frozen all the time. Outdoors and indoors, too. Now, with the current heatwave, I just don't understand how was I possibly able to live for three years in a room where every summer (end of April till end of September) even at night the temperature rarely went below 30'C. Oh and I even enjoyed it.

I really don't envy people who have to wear suits to work right now. Well, then, they probably have AC in their offices. I prefer not to have one and be allowed to wear short skirts and short sleeves. A girl is supposed to look hot when she feels hot, right?


Dress - Malandrino pour Lacoste 2011?
Hat - Agnès b. S/S13
Belt - gift from my grandmother when I was about 12
Shoes - Minelli S/S13

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