Friday, July 12, 2013

Delicious Trip to Cambodia

In Paris, people queue. For everything, not only at the post office like elsewhere. You queue to get your baguette on Saturday morning, you queue to get into an exhibition and you often queue to get a table at a café or restaurant. 

Our last queuing happened to be for a table. And even though the wait was long, it was worth it. Initially, we were supposed to have dinner with friends but as it turned out, our friends had the date wrong and had other plans for the night. Since we were there and I was very hungry, we decided to give the restaurant a try anyway. S. knew the place already since he went there for lunch a few times.  He told me it was nice. I read reviews online and they said it was a nice place with real authentic food. Well, this was largely underestimated. 

Now I've eaten there, I completely understand why people are willing to wait so long or a table in this particular Cambodian restaurant... It completely fell in the "oh so delicious" category. Oh yes, it was so good I had a gourmet déjà vu. Several years back, (10?!?) I met a young ethnologist in Prague. He was specialising in SouthEast Asia and in need of books from France. I brought the books to Prague and got invited for a dinner in a Laotian restaurant. That was the first time I ever ate sticky rice. That was the time I fell in love with coconut milk and peanuts in my plate. 

Yesterday I had a navin (cocunut milk with prawns and pork) and after the first mouthful, I was not the grumpy hungry person anymore, I was happy. Stepan had a "picnic from Angkor" and seemed quite happy too. 

If you like Cambodian food and aren't afraid of waiting, I can only recommend Le Petit Cambodge, close to Canal Saint Martin. 


Shoes: H&M with orthopedic soles
Jeans: Vero Moda
Wrap: Uniqlo, an old one
Top: a super old one, it used to be my grandfather's!
Bag: Longchamp

PS.: This is the first ever post completely written and published from my phone, sorry if it's not aligned as it should be...

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