Wednesday, July 24, 2013

8 Tips for a Summer in Paris

Whether you're just visiting (or planning to visit) or living in Paris, here are my TOP 8 things to do in the city during the hot summer months:

  1. Eat Ice Cream - the best one is at Berthillon, on the Ile Saint-Louis. Do you prefer your classics like vanilla, chocolate or pistachio or would you go for the amazing forest strawberries or salty caramel? Not your cup of tea? Go for the Earl Grey flavour, then. There are cocktail and summer inspired ice creams, too - Pina Colada, Strawberry Daiquiri (with real rhum).
  2. Make your Own Ice Cream - you can also make it (if you have a freezer and a blender). Ice cream is great, everybody agrees on that. But eating too much ice cream might be not as great for your bikini body. Here we have to thank Rosie from The Londoner, again, for her amazingly simple, healthy and delicious recipe for a dairy free (means no cream) gelato. I did it twice in a week when I discovered it. Yum. Eat as much as you like!
  3. Have an Apéro - Parisians "stuck" in Paris (= those who are at work and envy those who are on holidays at the moment) tend to make the evenings as holidayish as possible. Going out for an apéro right out of work is a nice way to do it. Sit in a bar or café, in the evening sun (or hiding from it when it's too hot), sip a rosé, a beer, a summer cocktail or an ice tea (made from real tea and ice), chat with you friends or your other half and order some apéro food (tapas or a planche).
  4. Les Berges - I already wrote about the new Berges here. An ideal spot for an apéro. En attendant Rosa might be the place to go to.
  5. Picnics - if you can, grab your picnic basket and your plaid, your dinner (probably a refreshing cucumber salad you just made) and your husband/wife/boyfriend/girlfriend/friends/book/iPad (pick the one you want, you can combine them, no worries) and head out to a park or on the quays. Sit there, eat, chat and marvel at the beauty of Paris when the sun sets above the Seine.
  6. Play tennis - there are few cheaper and easier spo(r)ts than tennis (courts) in Paris. The city owns numerous courts around Paris, you can book most of them online and it will cost you only 7€50 per hour (4€50 if you are under 26). If you're lucky, you might even get a spot in Jardin du Luxembourg... You can also do Swedish Gym, Zumba, Yoga etc. outside and for free. Just put your request in the good old Google.
  7. Paris Plage - stick your feet in hot sand, take a dance class, play pétanque, go buy yourself a drink or an ice cream wearing just your swimwear in the heart of a big city, take three friends and have yourself a merry beach volleyball match, chill out. It's Paris Plage again!
  8. Festival Cinéma Clair de Lune - 9:30 PM, in a park somewhere in Paris, fancy watching a movie? Just sit and watch, its for free. Programme here.
Or combine all of the above.

Oh, and RELAX, take it easy...

Any other tips?

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