Thursday, July 18, 2013

Pale and Interesting

Recently, Holly Becker from the Decorate Blog, posted about Fashion Style and how it's actually linked to your "Home" style. I never thought about it that way, but it's actually true. I tend to wear colours and materials I like to have in my home and vice versa, mostly whites, greys, soft pinks and blues. For instance, I would never wear a red and black dress because I just don't feel good and like myself in this combination of colours. I would never use black and red tiles in my bathroom or even for cushions on my sofa. The only red think we own is an old battered antique coffee mill and a teapot (both gifts we received) and the only black things are the pans and some knife handles. In my wardrobe, there is nothing red, only nail polish and a few black but mostly charcoal grey pieces like socks and stockings, a cardigan, a blazer and a cape, winter pieces, basically.

One of my favourite interior design books is Pale and Interesting by Atlanta Bartlett. If you live in the US, Atlanta Bartlett has a great interior design shop of pale and interesting things, too. Today, with the hot weather outside, I felt like wearing a pale outfit. Muted and pastel colours are my thing. It's great that every person has different tastes in colour and pattern, it makes the world look like a rainbow.


Top - Lacoste S/S12 similar here
Hat - Agnès b.

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