Sunday, July 21, 2013

Getting Wedding Ready

There is one moment, somewhere between 24 and 35 when many friends start getting married. Since our wedding in 2009, we've been invited to an average of four weddings a year. Four weddings a summer, to be correct. The sad thing is, we can't even make it to all of them, impossible to attend two weddings on the same weekend but definitely not in the same city...

I love weddings. The atmosphere, the happinness, the food, the friends, the flowers, the dressing up and of course the prospects of a happy-ever-after couple. The real trouble is dresses. My husband doesn't understand why I can't wear the same dress two weddings in a row. Well, it just wouldn't be appropriate, especially if you're meeting the same people at a different wedding. I have several nice dresses, unfortunatelly, most of them don't fit any more. Not having enough money to buy a new dress, I decided to wear a beautiful festive skirt for next weekend's wedding and save money with buying only a fancy top to go with the dress. Since I needed to know the exact colour that would go with the skirts, I put it on yesterday and went shopping. In the two hours I spent in Benetton, H&M, Zara and Mango, two girls asked me where did I buy my skirt, because they liked it very much. I had to disappoint them, it is a Czech handmade skirt by Akari my parents gave me last Christmas. And it's beautiful, thank you again!

Sorry for the weirdly shining skin, it was 32°C in Paris yesterday and I had to apply my SPF 50 sunscreen to go out.


Skirt: Akari
Top: old one from Zara
Hat: Agnès b.
Bag: Ted Baker
Shoes: Birkenstock
Sunglasses: Paul Smith

The good thing about an Akari Tutu skirt is that there is no risk that it won't fit any more, it is a one size fits all and you just make it tighter or not depending on the current shape and size of your waist! Plus it has a bow, there are never enough bows. I even had a big bow on my wedding dress (but that's a different story).

And you will of course have to wait until next weekend to see the final wedding outfit...

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