Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Love Can Be a Hotel

In Paris, love can be anything. It can even be a hotel. 

If I am not mistaken, Hotel Amour, situated not far from Pigalle, was the first hotel in Paris where the clients could get a room at an hour rate. This dates back to the 19th century but if you're ever in need of a room after a particularly romantic and sexy brunch in their restaurant, it still offers day use. 

I never went upstairs in the hotel so can't tell you much about the rooms themselves but you can check them out on Hotel Amour's website. They do seem pretty sexy (and some even scary) to me.

Nevertheless, we went only for tea. They have a fairly nice selection of teas (Mariage frères) and herbal infusions at acceptable prices (for Paris...) which is always good news for people allergic to coffee (aka me).

We also went for breakfast/brunch once and it was very tasty. I am told their lunch menus on week days are good as well. The only negative thing is the service. They are SO slow. If you're in a hurry, this will drive you crazy. If you're there to spend a lazy morning/afternoon, then it should be fine. And of course, they forget the milk one orders with tea, but that is not exceptional here. In Paris, I only get milk when asking for it again when they bring the tea. Well, I am in Paris, not London.

We sat down in the luscious green terrace/garden. I guess it's even nicer in summer when the doors and windows are wide open, but it has its charm when rain falls on the verriere and the sky begins to darken. It's Hotel Love, after all.

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