Thursday, October 17, 2013

Autumn Love

The other day, someone told me they hate autumn. Ever since that day, I've been thinking about a my favourite season (positive attitude, right!). And the answer definitely is, I love them all. I like the never ending cycle of winter-spring-summer-autumn-winter-spring-summer-autumn-winter-spring and so on. I guess I need change. By the end of each season, I am really looking forward to the next one and there is something I love about each season. And thinking of it, there are no things I hate in a season. 

English Rose

Here you go with my favourite things about AUTUMN

  • Air gets crispy and when the sun comes out, it's still warm and lovely.
  • Rain falls often. Soft, misty, hard... it has so many different faces. I probably mentioned this alreadym but I love walking in the rain. All I need is a nice umbrella, a warm coat, shoes that don't get wet in 5minutes and I am ready to set off. 
  • Warm socks, soft plaid and a hot cup of tea with a book on the sofa. (Can I get a fireplace, for Chrismas this year, please?)
  • Foliage. For several years now, I've been dreaming of going to see fall season in New England. Not on the agenda this year, though. Thank you Pinterest for all the beautiful foliage pictures you provide.
  • Walking around the city in the dark, when the sun starts to set earlier.
  • Autumn is a great excuse for sitting around in warm cafes.
  • Fruits - pears and plums and all these yums.
  • It also means the festive season is one step closer. 

Fontainebleau Forest
Do you like autumn?

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