Monday, October 21, 2013

Fancy an Elevator Ride?

On Sunday, I left home early to get on time to my yoga class. In the end, my "early" was definitely not early enough. Not for the class I wanted to go to, not even for the one after that. 

Right upon getting in the elevator and pushing the "0" button, the light went off, the elevator made a weird noise and came to a halt. The rescue button didn't work. I didn't have my phone. Basically, I was lucky that my other half was at home and heard me shouting and making noise in the elevator. Thank you!

We were told a technician was on its way and should arrive within thirty minutes. I don't know if any of you readers have ever been blocked in your elevator, but half an hour is pretty long. Especially when you don't have a book with you or your phone to play with and even less when you need to go to the toilet. I was lucky to have my yoga bag - I could sit on it and cover myself with a towel when the cold started to get to me. Because, the technician didn't turn up in half an hour. Not even in an hour. It took him 70 minutes to make it to our place. And then, another 20 minutes to get me out of the elevator. 

My ride was about 15 cm long. And the technician had to force the door to get me out. The door stayed stuck after his intervention, as you can see on the pictures. 

Sorry, no pictures of me in the elevator, since I didn't have my camera (nor my phone).
I took the stairs down and up today. Even after my yoga class and carrying four different bags.

PS.: We wrote a letter to the owner of the building today. I wasn't the first one to get stuck, my husband went through a very similar experience three weeks ago (but he "only" spent 50 minutes in there). Beware of elevators, guys.

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