Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Coq-tail Hour

A few years back, one thing was seriously missing in Paris - proper cocktail bars. Well, you probably could have gone to the Ritz, but buying a Dior dress just not to feel stupid going there was not an option for me. And of course, you could go for a mojito-without-taste to most of the bars in Paris. But there was no place with fancy barmen whipping incredible cocktails dating back to the 1920s or 30s, creating their own inventions or something custom made to the client's taste and all of this for an affordable price (i.e. not over 20euros per drink). 

I wasn't probably the only one who thought there were not enought cocktail bars in Paris, because these past two years, the Parisian cocktail bar scene became much more relevant.

The other night with friends, we returned to a place called "Le Coq" near Republique. We've already been a few months ago when the place opened and we liked it a lot. That's a reason for coming back, I'd say. 

The seats are cosy and modulable according to the size of your party. Very unparisian, since you actually can't mistake your unknown neighbour's glass for your own and you don't have to share their private conversation. It's a bit noisy but the cocktails are delicious (and seriously strong) and the atmosphere is nice. Le Coq-tail hour!

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