Monday, June 3, 2013

Cake Anyone?

All this cold weather and rain makes me wish I was at Chester's by the River again... Sitting in a heated room with the rain pouring outside and with a cup of hot chocolate and a big fat slice of one their amazing cakes.

Chester's is one of those great places where food is great, serving staff nice and the decor is just right. + it's in the Lake District (major plus, you got it). 

It's in Skelwith Bridge, about 10min drive west from Ambleside. 

I am not going to forget soon those cakes displayed on the counter. I hope to be able to bake such nice looking and good tasting cakes one day. And have a glass cake-stand to display them on...

If you need some nice stationery, or plates and Cumbria crystal glasses, or gift-wrap paper or silly games for children, it's all right there, in the shop.


  1. Ooooh that's a pretty nice big slice of carrot cake !!
    Definitly makes me want to visit Lake District !

  2. The cakes are just the "cerise sur le gateau" of Lake District. Go, there is so much to see there. And you're only 3 hours away by direct train.