Thursday, August 1, 2013

Wonders of Porquerolles

Holidays are always great, chilling out, having fun, not knowing which day it is.  And there are moments spent on the beach. Maybe it is because I come from a landlocked country, I just love the sea.

The salty breeze you can often smell even before you see the actual sea, the wind that tangles your wet and salty hair after a swim. The way it changes from one place to another, even if they are only a few kilometres apart. The waves kicking on the shore, or the calm waters just around the corner - the sandy beeches, the reefs and all the different shades of blue. The Mediterranean can be so diverse! Yesterday, we spent our day on the island of Porquerolles. Along with the islands of Levant and Port-Cros (which is a National Marine Park), they constitute the archipelago of the Golden Islands. The boat ride there is a bit expensive and in the heart of the village of Porquerolles, there can be crowds but the island and the sea around it are beautiful. I have never swum in sea this kind of blue. I always thought water this clear and transparent is only on Maledives or Seychelles.  Well it is not. We had a lovely day with friends. 

And I got to wear my new swimsuit I bought on Asos.

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