Monday, August 26, 2013

Rain and Underwear

This past Sunday, we got a little preview of Autumn. It rained most of the day and the temperature peaked somewhere around 14'C. I loved it. I love walking around in the rain (with a big umbrella and a hot cup of tea when I get back home).

Seeing the weather, we headed out to see an exhibition in the Musée des Arts décoratifs. It's probably my favourite museum in Paris, the permanent collections are great and all the exhibits we've seen there were extremely interesting, well done and lovely. 

In the past few years we've seen Hussein Chalayan, Louis Vuitton & Marc Jacobs and Fashioning Fashion. All great.

The one currently on (and till the beginning of November) is called "La mécanique des dessous, une histoire indiscrète de la silhouette". If you ever had questions about underwear in Europe from the Renaissance up to today, this is where you might find most of your answers. Oh, and you can even try some of the torture devices on.

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