Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Starry Nights

There is something refreshing about the end of August, about late summer. The nights and mornings get cooler, in a very pleasant way and the days are still warm and very sunny. This weather reminds me of my childhood / early teenage summer camps when we'd melt like ice creams running around during the hot days then freeze our little butts off during the cold nights. 

How we loved the roaring fire and the warmth of our sleeping bags and hated to walk around in the silent and cold camp when it was our turn to be "on guard". Even though I am still scared as hell when I think about it, these were the moments I learned to appreciate the pure beauty of a sparkling, star dusted sky. So many stars it was impossible to take them all in. Everytime now, when I see a really beautiful starry sky, when the night is so black you can even see the Milky Way, those childhood memories get back to me and I stand again on the cold damp soil, surrounded by nothing but deep forests and a canopy so beautiful it takes my breath away.

I might have replaced the stars by flowers in today's outfit, but it made my day anyway. Oh, and the stars landed in millions on my shoes.

In my early teenage years, I watched those starry canopies from forests my grandparents and parents couldn't set their feet in for over 40 years, just because they were too close to "the capitalist West". I am so glad we can go there, and further around for over 20 years now. Don't forget history, don't forget that 45 years ago Czechoslovakia was invaded by Soviet tanks, but look forward and enjoy every day, that's what our ancestors asked for but couldn't really do. Let's enjoy starry nights and the immensity of the universe, let's dream every day!

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