Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Moment You Hear The Seasons Click

The Series Part

As a teenager I never really watched any of those "great TV series" everyone was talking about at school - Ally Mc Beal was just too late on schoolnights and all those like Heartbreak High were broadcasted on afternoons when I wasn't home or when I was supposed to do something else. There was only one I watched whenever I could. That was JAG, which luckily happened to air around 2:45PM on Wednesdays. Which left me just enough time to watch one episode before running of to our outdoor club's meeting at 4PM. Now if any of my old friends from Stopaƙi read this, they'll know why I was sometimes late... Sorry guys, but come on, some episodes were longer than others and I couldn't leave before the man I loved resolved all the problems, saved all the innocents, won all the battles and smiled his crooked smile. I loved that incredibly charismatic pilot Harmon Rabb. And you? Anyone?

Lime trees leafing out in Cluny.

You're probably wondering what JAG and series in general have to do with "The Moment You Hear The Seasons Click". Some girls might already know. It's a quote from Sex and The City (season 4, episode 18). I first borrowed the series during my studies here in Paris from a friend. She had the complete collection in a nice box. I watched them all, tried to iron at the same time sometimes and loved it (not the ironing). I gave the complete collection back. Then I hesitated, but a few months later, I bought season 1 on iTunes. Then season 2. and 3. Then I waited for season 4 to get to 15 euros as well. Then 5. and 6 (in two parts = 30 euros, bastards). I just like it. It might be a bit late in my "series" education, but I don't care. I learnt many things. For example that most guys in the US are circumcised.

The Seasons Part

In that season 4, episode 18m Carrie actually talks about summer clicking into autumn, but you'll have to wait a few months for this. Anyway, last weekend you could hear the seasons click that exact same way here in Paris. I love those moments, I love seasons. I don't think I could live in a country with no seasons. That never ending merry-go-round of seasons on this hemisphere. This time it clicked into spring. Want a proof?

Gare de Lyon, 7:30 PM.
This tree grows in a parking lot!
Spring sun in Cluny.

I even got sunburnt (a bit) during the 30 minutes I spent outside when eating my lunch on Wednesday. And don't tell me it's going to be cold this weekend, I don't (want to) belive you anyway...


  1. Perfect description of the feelings and sights when seasons change! It's the same in London right now, I hope it will still be so next weekend...