Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Our" Restaurant & the Samaritaine

Way back, when we were still students, our friends lived above a restaurant close to Bastille. I didn't really understand, why they went there several times a week even though the food there was amazing (best foie gras in Paris). Man, there are so many great restaurants in Paris.

"Our" Restaurant

Now I get it. When we moved to our flat two and a half years ago, there was a shabby old cafe close by. I never went inside and since it was almost always empty, I guess I wasn't the only one who found it weird. Then, about two years ago, the owner changed, the place changed and we went in to give it a try. Since then, we keep going back.
To eat great bavettes.
Drink nice cocktails (cocktail du jour for 6,5 euros during happy hour, changes every day, usually very yummy).
Sit in the sun. In the mornings, during the day, in the evenings.
Drink tea and other warm things during dark winter afternoons.
Stuff ourselves with amazing deserts, especially the crumble with Berthillon's salted butter caramel icecream.
Today we went again.

Sun was there, good food and wine too.
It's so nice to have a good restaurant close to your place.


On our first romantic trip to Paris in June 2006 we didn't know we'd be living in this beautiful city one day. My favourite photo from trip was one I took on Pont Neuf of the beautiful building of the Samaritaine. This 19th century department store is a gem of steel and glass architecture. Unfortunately, it has been closed since 2005 because of its state.

Samaritaine today.
Could I even think of picking another word?

After many years, several projects and a few problems, it finally looks like the Samaritaine should open again in 2016, more beautiful than ever. The project is by SANAA. If you haven't heard of these amazing architects, go check this website to see some of their beautiful achievements. They got the Pritzker Prize in 2010. I think for the Samaritaine, they just managed to create a nice link between old and new, with respect to the heritage and innovative ideas for our future. You can see the project on the city of Paris website. Sorry, it's in French.
What do you think about the project?

Samaritaine project. ©SANAA

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