Sunday, April 28, 2013

Club it out!

It's been since forever that we last went dancing to a proper club. In Paris, clubs are either very selective (they can even control the brands you're wearing) or very expensive (you have to buy a 200€ worth bottle of vodka/whiskey/rum... to enter). Or both.

This Friday, in London, we just went for drinks with friends, then decided to go for a bit of dancing to Sway, near Holborn. I was excited like a little kid. The bouncers even let us enter with our huge bags for the weekend. We left them in the cloakroom of course, but I am not sure elsewhere (ie in Paris), you could have entered with weekend bags.

I was like Alice in Wonderland - lights everywhere, disco balls, several different types of music, a colour-changing floor a few dozens of drunk Brits. The best thing was definitely the toilet. I went to the ladies room and when I got in, there was a lady who asked me "Are you alright, darling?". First I didn't really get the question, why shouldn't I be alright ? Then I realised, she was checking on the too-drunk-to-pie-on-their-own girls. Upon washing my hands, she handed my paper towels. If I needed to freshen myself with deodorant or perfume, I could have. I could actually have chosen among Thierry Mugler's Angel, Dior's Mademoiselle, Chloé and a few more. This bathroom reminded me of one in a café in Berlin, which contained not only a toilet but also a glass of red wine and piece of chocolate cake.

One of the DJs was probably in his own strange wonderland, he kept switching between songs in a crazy way (too quick, mostly no connexion between the songs whatsoever)... I had fun anyway.

Need to come back soon to one o London's clubs, to try the famous and trendy lychee martini.

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