Thursday, April 11, 2013

Back to blogging

All right...

Why did I decide to get back to blogging?

1) Spring is here! Finally, new energy, new life, cherry blossoms. It's mainly just the cherry blossoms (and rain) for the moment here in Paris, but if one's willing to believe what the weatherman announces, it should be sunny and 20°C this Sunday. Hurray.

A little taste of what this blog is going to be about.
2) I've been reading (and admiring) more and more blogs in the last few months. I feel inspired by many of them. I love taking pictures of random/interesting/romantic/funny things in my life. I like to read, to talk and to write. And I quite agree with Rose from The Londoner, that everybody should have his/her own piece of Internet. So here I am, on my way to try and let friends and family know about what inspires me and about my lifestyle. And who knows, maybe one day, I will inspire someone as well.

3) I quite liked it (blogging) when we were on our honeymoon roadtrip in the USA and decided to give it another go.

4) Facebook is nice but can get annoying sometimes and I don't want to bother everyone with all the things I want to write about.

5) A few friends told me I should start a blog so they can see some of my looks, my decorating ideas, my pictures. OK guys, here I start this blog. Now let's see if you are really going to read it.

Why am I writing in English?

This blog will be mostly written in English. Most of my international friends and family speak English, many of my english-speaking friends don't speak Czech (or French). And I egoistically hope that one day, some people I don't know and who live all around the world will read this blog and be inspired by it.

What will this blog be about?

I named the blog "One Never Ending Honeymoon" because 
  • that's how my life feels like since I got married to my wonderful husband in August 2009 
  • this blog originally started because of our USA roadtrip-honeymoon back in August 2010. And I didn't want to make it disappear completely, so I decided to give it a second life by keeping the word "honeymoon" in the title (the original title of this blog being "Once upon a time, a honeymoon in the USA").
I want to write about things I love, things I do, things I dream about: flowers, sunshine, good food and wine, lazy afternoons, picnics in the park, happy memories, fashion and style, cozy sofas, white floors, scandinavian design and if I get lucky, maybe even fireplaces one day. A lifestyle blog, basically.
I told you, spring finally made it to Paris!

Who inspires me ?

Oh, and a few blogs that inspired me to start blogging again (I will write a longer post about them someday, this is just a quick review):
The Londoner - one beautiful girl, one city I love (yes it's London, dummies) plenty of nice clothes, smiles, traveling, cute pictures, nice tips and great food.
Decor8 - the ultimate guru for all "normal" people who never studied interior design but love decorating and are into pastels, whites, colors, old&new.
What I Wore - another beautiful girl, posting amazing outfits every day (for 5 years now!), plenty of helpful tips for remixing your outfits and being chic without spending all your money on clothes.
Love Taza - from another city I love (this one you can't guess from the title, it's NYC), a beautiful girl, full of life, love and energy and her beautiful little family now in NYC.
Oh Happy Day! - easy and cute ideas to throw your next home party (for kids, adults, families, weddings, christmas...) or make your home and life nicer - check Oh Happy Day! 
Ruffled - a wedding blog oh so beautiful - even if you are not getting engaged or married in the next few months/years/never ever or if you're already happily married (like me, yay). 

I hope you like it.


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  1. Way to go !
    I like the idea, i like the pictures, i'll definitely read you ! (and so i'll stay in touch with the new trends in Paris ;)