Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Late update

Hey guys,
sorry for not updating the blog. We had a keys-from-the-car-stolen problem which meant I didn't have any time to write about San Francisco, Yosemite or Santa Cruz. All three are GREAT. Surfing is lot of fun (if you don't get the keys from your car stolen in the end) and all got solved today. Our car got towed to Watsonville (about 17 miles from here) and the Chrysler Dealer there made us a new key. In the meantime, someone found the pouch that was stolen and brought it to the police. When we got back from Watsonville, the manager of our hotel told us that our pouch was found. The only thing that was missing was about 70 dollars, the keys from the car and my credit card (blocked in the meantime) were in there. Well it's better to have two sets of keys than none, right :)
Love from Santa Cruz!

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