Sunday, August 1, 2010

Days 1 and 2– July 30 and 31

Paris – New York JFK – the beautiful island of Nantucket 

Having squeezed all our boxes and bags, the sofa, the kitchen table and the armchair in our bedroom at one a.m., we were ready to sleep a few hours and get to the airport. Our airplane took off on time, as did the one from JFK to ACK. At 3 p.m. we were on the island. If you want to see a cute little airport, come to Nantucket.
Our family came pick us up and we drove to the house. Since the historical association of Nantucket keeps a close eye on all the constructions on the island and there are very strict style and architecture rules, all the houses are built, enlarged and renovated in the Nantucket style. Which is not only very beautiful but also very useful. It’s wooden tiles all around the house, no paint on them, just natural wood. With the wind, the rain and the salt from the sea, they get grey over the years. The trims vary from white to light gray. Trees, lawns, ponds, bike paths and beaches are all around (normal, it’s an island). 

As Nantucket used to be the center of the whaling world (and the richest town in all America at one point), almost every house has a “widow’s walk” which is a platform on the top of the roof where whalers’ wives used to stand and watch the ocean for the return of their husbands. We went there to watch the sunset.
On Saturday, we went to a stripe of land accessible only by boat (unless you want to drive for 45 minutes). 
The water was very calm and warm and Max took us waterskiing. It was amazing!
Nantucket is just so beautiful, calm and peaceful and everyone is so nice here. WELCOME TO AMERICA! 

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  1. AWESOME !!!!!! amusez-vous les jeunes et prenez pleeeeeeins de photos cools ! jumping pics everywhere ;)