Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 14 From Yellowstone NP through Montana all the way to Spokane Valley, WA

Our drive through Montana:

After the frozen night and morning (and a hot oatmeal), we packed our stuff and headed north. Near the mud volcano, we saw plenty of bison – small, big, old, cute and a few very smelly and muddy springs and sleeping geysers. We stopped to walk around Mammoth Hot Springs in Northern Yellowstone and hit the road again.
Our next stop included food. We followed our super guide “Roadfood”, given to us by our friend Mike (thanks Mike, it’s GREAT) and decided to stop in Montana’s Butte. Once “the richest hill on Earth” because of copper mining, it’s now a cute and sleepy town in the middle of nowhere. But it still has a great charm thanks to its mining towers and numerous palaces, banks and other buildings you would expect to see in NYC or San Francisco but not in Butte, Montana.  Last but not least, it has “Matt’s”, a tiny drive-in that keeps its 1950s design (including the cashier, the OLD Coca-Cola freezer and the milkshake blenders). And the sandwiches are just simple and very tasty. Not speaking of the onion rings and the milkshake. Matt’s place is on the register of Historic places and it’s menu haven’t changed since the 1930s.  If you ever have a chance to wander to Butte, don’t miss it.

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