Sunday, September 8, 2013

Brit Chic

If you're not new to this blog, you might have noticed my love for most things British. This doesn't include crazy drinking habits and young girls puking into dustbins in the Tube. It's more about London, beautiful countryside, weather and ever changing light, green lawns, grazing sheep, rain boots, cool artists, cream tea and fashion.

We're lucky here in Paris, London came to us for a whole month. In the Printemps department store, a month long "London Mania" takes place right now. 

British designers, the Cambridge Satchel Company and Burberry, of course, with a special pop-up store. Quite nice. I kind of fancy Christopher Bailey, his sense of beauty, the models he picks (he had Cara Delevigne before anybode else noticed her!), the shows (the A/W 2012 with the rain, incredible...), his cute accent, his sense of music and the fact he has a house in Yorkshire (big plus points).

We're lucky once more here in Paris, and that's because we have the Printemps' top floor terrace with an amazing view from an unexpected place. It's for free, it doesn't end in a month and you don't have to queue for 2 hours to get up there, like at the Eiffel tower...


  1. Ten klobouk je báječnej!!! Moc Ti sekne!!!

    1. Dik! A je dokonce z Prahy - Reserved. Ale uz je to par let zpet.